Cocaine's use in ophthalmology:
our 100-year heritage

Altman AJ, Albert DM, Fournier GA
Surv Ophthalmol 1985 Jan-Feb; 29(4):300-6


One hundred years ago the fledgling ophthalmologist Carl Koller demonstrated that the alkaloid cocaine was a local anesthetic suitable for rendering the eye temporarily insensible to pain. It was an event of historical significance, as his discovery opened the door not only to a new era in ophthalmic surgery, but to surgery in general. In this paper we review the ancient uses of the coca leaf, the historical events leading up to and following Koller's discovery, and the present day uses of cocaine in ophthalmology and medicine.

Karl Koller
Cocaine hotspots
Dopaminergic flies?
Dopaminergic agents
The coke-craving brain
Monoamines, cocaine and rats
Freebasing flies go hyperkinetic

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