New trends in drug use among youth in California
Siegel RK.
Bull Narc. 1985 Apr-Sep;37(2-3):7-17


New trends in drug use in the United States of America have usually started in populations of young users in California. The use of hallucinogenic drugs (psychedelics), phencyclidine (PCP) and the smoking of cocaine free base were all first detected in populations of young Californian users. Five patterns of youthful drug use are described: experimental, social-recreational, circumstantial-situational, intensified and compulsive. These patterns are supported by several myths whereby users tend to trust the appearance and folklore surrounding specific drugs. New trends in drug use detected in a sample population of young users in California include increased use of cocaine, psilocybin mushrooms, psycho-active phenylisophropylamines, PCP, fentanyl, and codeine combined with glutethimide. Other evidence suggests that future trends are likely to include increased use of cathinone, yohimbine, fentanyl analogues and ephedrine.

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