Urinary excretion of benzoylecgonine following
ingestion of Health Inca Tea

Jackson GF, Saady JJ, Poklis A
Department of Pathology,
Medical College of Virginia,
Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond 23298-0597
Forensic Sci Int 1991 Jan-Feb; 49(1):57-64


Four males ingested one cup of Health Inca Tea which contained 1.87 mg of cocaine. Urine specimens collected for 36 h post-ingestion were analyzed for benzoylecgonine (BE) by EMIT-d.a.u., TDx and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Positive immunoassay results were obtained for 21-26 h post tea ingestion. Discrepant immunoassay results occurred with only one specimen: EMIT positive; TDx negative, 0.25 mg/l; GC/MS, 0.273 mg/l. Quantitative TDx results were well correlated with GC/MS results, r2 = 0.963, n = 45. Maximum urinary BE concentrations ranged from 1.4-2.8 mg/l, occurring from 4-11 h, post ingestion. Total BE excretion in 36 h ranged from 1.05 to 1.45 mg, 59-90% of the ingested cocaine dose. Urinary excretion rate constant (Km) ranged from -0.073 to 0.111/h. Health Inca Tea ingestion should be considered when interpreting urinary BE concentrations.

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