Comparison of urine to sweat patch
test results in court ordered testing

Levisky JA, Bowerman DL, Jenkins WW,
Johnson DG, Levisky JS, Karch SB.
El Paso County Coroner's Office,
80906, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Forensic Sci Int 2001 Oct 15;122(1):65-8


A former cocaine and methamphetamine abuser was continuously monitored with both sweat patch and urine testing for approximately 6 months. Thirteen sweat patches were applied and collected, five were positive for cocaine and/or methamphetamine, but all the urine specimens collected were negative at the analytical cut-off levels. The high incidence of false positive sweat patch tests in relation to the sensitivity, specificity, and efficiency of the sweat patch assay is discussed. Possible mechanisms, which can lead to false positive results, are presented. The results of our study raise further questions about the preferential use of the sweat patch in detecting new episodes of drug use in formerly chronic drug users.

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