The Associated Press
Date: 8 December, 2002

Police: Ill. Burger King Sold Different Type Of Coke Customers Would Allegedly Phone In Drug Orders

MUNDELEIN, Ill. -- At one Illinois Burger King, authorities say, you could order a Whopper, fries and some coke -- not a soft drink but cocaine.

Four people are jailed on charges they sold cocaine from the drive-through window at a Burger King in Mundelein.

Police had been watching the restaurant for nine months. Then on Friday night, they say they bought about $300,000 worth of cocaine from the night manager, his wife and two former employees.

Police say customers would either phone ahead or ask for particular employees. Then they would drive up, place their orders over the microphone and pull around the window to pick it up.

The drugs were handed over in a Burger King paper bag.

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