BP-897 Bioprojet
Preti A.
Genneruxi Medical Center,
via Costantinopoli 42, I-09129,
Cagliari, Italy.
[email protected]
Curr Opin Investig Drugs 2000 Sep;1(1):110-5


BP-897 is a dopamine D3 receptor agonist which is under development by Bioprojet for the potential treatment of drug craving and vulnerability to relapse that are elicited by drug-associated environmental stimuli; it is undergoing phase I trials [318397,334036,340721]. Preclinical investigations were carried out by Cambridge University and INSERM [295680]. BP-897 functions as a partial agonist in vitro and as either an agonist or an antagonist in vivo. It inhibits cocaine-seeking behavior that depends upon the presentation of drug-associated cues, without having any intrinsic, primary rewarding effects [334036]. In preclinical studies, BP-897 administration before testing reduced cocaine-seeking behavior in rats in a dose-dependent manner [304557,307758,334036]. In D3 receptor knockout mice, BP-897 has no effect [345710]. It does not reduce self-administration of cocaine in monkeys [318397].

BP 897
Oral cocaine
Cocaine hotspots
Dopaminergic agents
The coke-craving brain
Monoamines, cocaine and rats
Dopamine D3, sensitization and psychosis
BP 897, dopamine D3 receptors and cocaine

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