Hitler and Cocaine

Adolf Hitler

German dictator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) reportedly relied on amphetamine injections from his controversial doctor Professor Theo Morell throughout the later stages of World War Two. The Führer also appreciated cocaine. Dr Erwin Giesing, the ear, nose and throat doctor who treated Hitler’s head traumas in the aftermath of the 20th July Bomb Plot, administered a ten percent cocaine solution during the latter half of August 2004 to banish Hitler's sinus pains. Giesing afterwards wrote: “Hitler told me that after the treatment with the cocaine he felt quite light headed and he could think much clearer.” Giesing says the Führer asked whether he might not have this agreeable cocaine treatment once or even twice a day in future, notes David Irving [Die geheimen Tagebücher des Dr. Morell (1983) by David Irving; English translation: The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor] "The army doctor agreed but warned of the danger of a cocaine overdose as cocaine is virtually entirely absorbed by the mucous membrane of the nose and enters the bloodstream very rapidly."

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